2C Snow Glyphs

Second grade students are learning to manipulate shapes and color in MS Word. To practice their skills, they created these snow glyphs using the following guidelines.

The snowman should be made up of two snowballs. If you are an only child, make the snowballs circles. If you have a sister or sisters, make one of the snowballs a triangle. If you have a brother or brothers, make one of the snowballs square.

If you have pets, the arms should be solid sticks. If you have no pets, there should be arrows on the end of the arms.

If you are a girl, you can color in your head. If you are a boy, your head should be clear.

Favorite season: summer add a sun to the sky, fall add a star to the sky, spring add an arrow to the sky, or winter add a lightening bolt to the sky.

Favorite subject: reading=diamond, writing=cross, math=L, art=bow, music=heart, gym=half moon, technology=cloud, other=any shape

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