First Grade Curriculum Resources

This page is for first grade teachers to use with their students. I will continue to gather websites appropriate for the first grade curriculum and will add them to this page. If you have suggestions for curriculum related areas you would like to see developed, send me a message.

~ Light ~ Sound ~ Vibration and Pitch ~ Space ~ Geography ~

Coming soon: Animals and Offsrping, Parts of Organisms, Patterns of Sun, Moon, and Stars, Seasonal Patterns,

Use the Kids InfoBits database for information on weather, landforms, erosion, animal adaptations, and more.

The Encyclopedia Britannica is a good all purpose encyclopedia with articles written for elementary students.

Follet Destiny Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to find books in the school’s collection or to browse kid-friendly and grade appropriate websites.

Britannica Escolar

Spanish edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica has articles written for Spanish speaking elementary students.
Tagul Word Cloud Art

Source for safe image searches.



Science Games for Kids: Light & Dark

Science Kids

Sid the Science Kid
Scholastic Study Jams Light

Study Jams


Splash ABC Light and Shadows

Light and Shadows





Science Games for Kids: Changing Sounds

Science Kids

Vibration and Pitch


PBS Learning Media Understanding Vibration and Pitch

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media Zoom Visualizing Vibrations

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media Zoom Making a Guitar

PBS Learning Media




Explore the Solar System

Explore Solar System

Planet Song

Planet Song

Hubble Site