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 This page is for kindergarten teachers to use with their students. I will continue to gather curriculum related websites appropriate for kindergarten and add them to this page. If you have suggestions for a curriculum area you would like me to develop, please send a message.


Use the Kids InfoBits database for information on weather, landforms, erosion, animal adaptations, and more.


The Encyclopedia Britannica is a good all purpose encyclopedia with articles written for elementary students.

Follet Destiny Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to find books in the school’s collection or to browse kid-friendly and grade appropriate websites.

Britannica Escolar

Spanish edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica has articles written for Spanish speaking elementary students.

Weather Websites

Science Games for Kids: Sun, Light and Shadows
Science Kids

Space Weather Center

Space Weather Center


Tree House Weather Kids

Tree House Weather Kids


What Melts Science Experiment https://frugalfun4boys.com/2015/06/11/simple-science-experiment-for-kids-what-melts-in-the-sun/

What melts science experiment

 Pushes and Pulls

Idaho Public Television: Force and Motion: Facts
Idaho Public Television Science Trek Forces and Motion

Math Activities

Marble Math Addition

ABCYA Marble Math


Remember to practice typing five minutes every day.