Second Grade Curriculum Resources

This page is for second grade teachers to use with their students. I have gathered curriculum related websites and tools for finding information. This page is for kindergarten teachers to use with their students. I will continue to gather curriculum related websites appropriate for second grade and add them to this page. If you have suggestions for a curriculum area you would like me to develop, please send a message.

Landform Websites & Games ~ 

Wind & Water Shape the Land Activities & Games ~ 

Coming Soon: Habitats, Landforms and Bodies of Water, Material Properties

Use the Kids InfoBits database for information on weather, landforms, erosion, animal adaptations, and more.

The Encyclopedia Britannica is a good all purpose encyclopedia with articles written for elementary students.

Follet Destiny Library Catalog

Use the library catalog to find books in the school’s collection or to browse kid-friendly and grade appropriate websites.

Type to Learn

Students in 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade have Type to Learn accounts. Students should make time to practice at home everyday.


Landform Websites and Games

Scholastic Study Jams Landforms


Pictures and Information about Landforms


 Shape it Up An Earth Changing Erosion Activity
Landforms Map

Wind & Water Shape the Land Activities and Games