Winter 2017 4th Grade Landform Projects

Landform Projects, Winter 2017

Spring 2017 3rd Grade Animal Posters

Third grade students at Stanley Elementary School learned how to gather information about an animal of their choice from reliable and grade appropriate websites. Students […]

Spring 2017 4th Grade Grand Canyon Projects

Here are four examples of students using technology to share the results of their research on how the Grand Canyon was formed.  

Challenges of K-12 collaborations.

Crane Beach Ipswich Boardwalk

Mia Morgan, Ed.D., M.L.S., updated 25 Feb 2018 The question, “how can school librarians collaborate or co-teach with classroom and content area teachers” is an […]

What does it mean to be an entrepreneur?

Mia Morgan, Ed.D., M.L.S.   There is much discussion in the academic literature over the importance of an entrepreneurial spirit. We can foster an entrepreneurial […]

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