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The library can help with your searches!

Enter a keyword (or author or title) and press return/enter on your keyboard. Be sure to write down the call number and take note of whether the book is currently available for check out (look to the right, if you see 1/1 copies available, the book is on the shelf; if you see 0/1 copies available, the book is currently checked out).

The library catalog is where you would turn to look for books owned by the school library but the library catalog also includes a safe way to search for grade appropriate websites.


  1. Go to your school website: Clarke Elementary School,Stanley Elementary School, Hadley Elementary School
  2. Choose Library from the Resources for Students menu.
  3. Or go directly to the Elementary School Library website
  4. Once on the library website choose scroll until you see Library Catalog. Click the blue Follett Destiny button.
  5. To use the library catalog to find safe websites enter search words in space provided and click magnifying glass to run search. Simple searches, one or two words, are best in library catalog.

Search Window

Some search words that might be appropriate for your student’s topic:

Canada and landmark

Canada and customs

Canada and traditions

Canada and culture

Canada and flag (or Canadian flag)

Canada and map

 6. The default screen shows books available. In my example, Canadian Flag, there are not any books in the library about the Canadian flag, but there are websites. To see websites look on the right side of the screen and click the tab that says ‘Web Sites.’

search results

7. You will see the title of the site in blue, a brief description of the site beneath the title, and the URL beneath the description. On the right side of the screen there is a grade range. Look for material appropriate for K-2 or 3-5. Click the title or URL of the site to view the full site.

web results

8. Use a + sign in front of words that have to be in your results

9. Use a – sign in front of words that you do not want in your results


Please feel free to email me, Mia Morgan, librarian, with questions.


Happy Searching!